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Quizzing improves employee performance by 250 percent. It's based on the neuroscience of the "The Testing Effect."

Tap is designed to quickly send out quizzes on mobile phones or computers. It automatically scores answers and sends the results to your email.

It's great for any company that wants to confirm their employees have the right information at the right time. Use it for new-hire training, policy changes, surveys, and general management.


Tap makes short work of getting a message out. You can write and send a quiz right from your phone, as easy as writing an email. The quiz goes right to your people, wherever they are, and you get results instantly.

Sometimes speed is critical. Tap is so easy to use from your phone or computer, you can send out a quiz in seconds. And you get results as fast as people can open their email.
Both you and the staff will see results instantly, so they get the feedback they need. Individual responses help you target specific needs. You can also look over reports to see common pitfalls for the whole organization.


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